Handheld Powerful UV Blacklight

  • Handheld Powerful UV Blacklight
  • Multipurpose: Spot scorpions; authenticate currency, driver licenses, passports, official and identification cards; distinguish ore, jewelry, and jade; and detect fluorescent agents and hunting minerals. detect urine and stains: The HOPDAY UV flashlight will easily reveal pet urine and stains on carpet, rugs, or clothes that you can’t see with the naked eye so that you can eliminate nasty odors for good.
  • Top quality: Emits a 390-410nm wavelength with 12 top-quality ultraviolet LED lights that allow you to cover a large area. Includes a rug for a good grip and a wrist strap for easy and handy holding.
  • Package includes: 1 UV flashlight, 3 AAA batteries, 1 user manual, and 1 super-mini keychain LED flashlight. (Please unscrew the bottom cap of the mini flashlight and take out the plastic piece from the end before using it.)
  • Power source: 3 Duracell AAA batteries are included (not inserted in the flashlight).

Product description

About Black Light flashlight:

You will never know how useful a black light flashlight will be unless you are lucky enough to get one on Amazon. And it’s time to get one enhance your life quality now!

These are some of the very few ideas that you can use this handy light for!
1. Pet Stain Detector
Rather than pouring time and money into cleaning your whole house if a pet has made a mess, shine the UV flashlight and the
stains will show, makes for a much easier clean up.
2. Hotel Use
You can always take this handy guy whether you stay in a 5 star Hilton or a 1 star Flithton! Use the UV light to make sure everything is clean and safe.
You never know where there are going to be a bunch of nasties all around!
3. Counterfeit Protection
The UV light reveals ‘hidden’ anti-counterfeit symbols to ensure the authenticity of important documents like passports and ID’s.
The light can even authenticate US and foreign currencies. Now you don’t have to look like an idiot holding the money into the light and making people feel weird!
Keep one at the register at all times.
4. Bug Spotter
Wait until it gets dark and shine the UV light on your vegetable patch to catch bugs and pests.
The UV flashlight is also excellent for spotting scorpions. Scorpions glow a vibrant blue-green color under a UV light.

1. If the ultraviolet led flashlight does not turn on, please check batteries and battery case whether they are installed correctly(e.g. with correct polarity);
2. The ultraviolet led black light works best in dark environment, the darker it is, the better it works;
3. Can only spot dried urine stain;
4. For few dark color carpets, the reflected stain color will be close to the color of the carpet, making it harder to see;
5. Do not shine directly into eyes;
6. Remove the batteries if unused for a long time.